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Developers of all kinds are rediscovering the power of the Vim text editor. Even after several decades, it's the only text editor to prioritize text editing and. I wrote PeepCode's (now Pluralsight's) Vim screencasts. These were in PeepCode's all-time top three bestsellers. Watching @peepcode “Smashing Into Vim 2”. Smash Into Vim. It's the first of a double bill and after watching it you'll be able to use Vim with confidence. Even if you're a true blue Textmate fan, sometimes you .

A list of resources for learning the Vim editor VIM Adventures - Learn Vim while playing an RPG-style game! Smash Into Vim: PeepCode Screencast. 9 Jul I've been a Vim user for a long time but only in the last year I actually started PeepCode - Smash Into Vim: PeepCode is known for excellent. 10 Aug If you watch the PeepCode screencasts "Smash into Vim", products/smash-into-vim-ii, (I only watched part two) they have.

29 Jul on: Everyone Who Tried to Convince Me to Use Vim Was W This is by far best way I've . ( and. Peepcode Vim Cover. by Geoffrey Grosenbach on May 10, Shot Icon shotstat like Like? 3 likes; Icon shotstat share Share views . Here's a great minimalist approach to learn Vim Buy the Smash Into Vim videos for $ each and you won't be sorry. There's a TON of . 22 Sep When I initially asked on Twitter where I could better learn about Vim, once of the most recommended resources was PeepCode's Smashing. I noticed that quite a few Emacs users are using VIM keybindings through Drew Neil). You may want to also check Peepcode's Vim series.

I personally don't like Vim, I prefer mainstream editors. But Vim works best, IntelliJ for Java, Emacs for clojure, Vim for perl and ruby scripts. 5 Nov So with that in mind I thought the easiest way to learn vim would be to find (ex- MS) suggests: 8 Oct I've been a vim user since my first linux install in PeepCode Play by Play (paid) Geoffrey Grosenbach has some of the best instructional. Read about Smash Into Vim by PeepCode and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

5 Jan We hacked on a particular problem using Ruby, RSpec, Vim, Git, and the Geoffrey recently published that screencast at PeepCode with his. 25 Mar If you prefer video, and want to spare a few bucks to treat yourself, PeepCode PluralSight has the Smash Into Vim series (paid). The alternative. Having decided to switch, I narrowed the choices down to Vim and Emacs. . I had previously volunteered to write a PeepCode screencast on Vim, so when he . A Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the gutter (sign column) and .. This was one of PeepCode's all-time top three bestsellers and is now available at.


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